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and nyu. we hoped those as major hospitals, part of the infrastructure of our healthcare system would be immune, would have the back-up generators. any other hospitals facing the sorts of problems that forced those two hospitals to evacuate and if not when will those two be back online? >> well, you know, bellevue had a significant problem way beyond generation. they had a problem in the entire switching network and a number of other systems in the hospital that were affected by this storm and by the surge. nyu, i'm trying to think what it was. but it was also more than just the generator. the generator was good. bellevue's generator was older but nyu's was good but they had serious switching problems and so there became a much bigger problem and systems problem. that's why they were evacuated. we evacuated downtown, usually called downtown beacon, that hospital really because it was heavily affected by the surge and we thought it made sense and the hospital, i think essentially agreed with us. it was a relatively small
not underrate the things he has done. healthcare reform actually very far from ideal, but look, it's more than any democratic president has done. that's a pretty big deal. and i think education reform with the grants are also really important. so he has done stuff but what is interesting to me, and i don't fully understand is, why not campaign on that? >> eliot: robert has made a point. chrystia you're right. in terms of wealth, income and. >> healthcare was a distraction because he followed hillary clinton's advice. he didn't have a single payer. he didn't have any robust public option. he did nothing to control costs nothing. >> but isn't it better than nothing? >> look, if i lived in a swing state i would vote for obama no doubt about it. romney scares me. he wants to give wall street a bank check. he is a greater evil. >> eliot: you were clear you said he's the lesser of two evils. >> obama. >> eliot: yes. you did not describe him in the affirmative vote. >> you know this better than i do. when you put lawrence sumners in and timothy geithner, you are clear about it. i would have voted for
obama's healthcare program we would save that $72 million. we would note give it in fraudulent claims. the american taxpayers saves half a billion dollars. mark leader do not like that. they want it to go from the american taxpayer and straight into their pocket and then call on you through the government. how much has the scooter store given in lobbying? they've given $900,000. i wonder why they care so much about mitt romney winning. leaders given romney $300,000 and restore our future pac romney's pac $225,000. by the way, without the medicare wasting money on this, as we have already found out they are scooter store would go out of business. these are these great free market capitalists that actually have terrible companies but they get propped up by the government, and they get people like mitt romney in office saying bad government, what a joke right mark? here is another $500 million from the american people. run your crappy company based on whatever contract you get. let's go to lee fong who wrote the story about it, the community writer, the erring fell low at the nation inst
to healthcare and pushed historic social policy with respect to immigration and civil rights. his challenger is supply-side reagan omics disciple who says he is fit to lead. he says he has a plan but when asked over and over for specifics can't produce. the arithmetic doesn't work. he's a governor who shares the social views he embraced to get to the primaries. he became a meyer pawn of the radical republican party, not a leader of it. on issue after issue the choice couldn't be more clear. not only because president obama is right to most of them but bus he leads on all of them. i think he could have handleed politics and policies differently, but he has been decisive strong and consistent. important qualities in a president. his opponent is a self-described etch-a-sketch. the antithesis of leadership. i had no choice but to laugh when i hear people argue that mitt romney would be a better leader than president obama. that romney would better connect with the american people. middle class workers who deserve a fair wage and a promising job. students and their parents who not only strife for
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)